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    What is something you can unpack ?

    <p>What is something you can unpack ?</p>
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    Community Voices
    Community Voices

    Any #OCDTips on how to stop #Twitching if the muscle in my neck?? #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #AnxietyDisorders #muscletherapy

    I was recently diagnosed 3 weeks ago with OcD. Thirty years I have went with this being undiagnosed, and it was amazing how everything legit made complete and utter sense. (Obsessive thoughts, obsessive cleaning or moving furniture when I’m stressed, etc) But always, recently k have developed a twitch in my neck muscles . Extremely painful. Any suggestions for an at home remedy to relieve the pain as well as slow the twitches down or ELIMINATE THEM COMPLETELY... already till I see my doc this week. Anything g will help I’m desperate 🥺

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    Living with Contamination OCD #obsessivethoughts #OCDTips

    It's like living with a shadow of fear and guilt following you wherever you go. The fear of tracking something dangerous into your life and the lives of your loved ones. Your mind convinces you that you have power over things you cannot possibly control. I try to set small daily goals for myself, and most importantly, try to give myself a break when I don't meet those goals.

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